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Attacked On Set BluRay /DVD Combo

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Region free Blu-Ray and DVD NTSC

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A group of young, hot new actors and crew move production to a new studio in a remote area of a Midwest town. All of your favorite characters are here! Little did they know, but the killer has a score to settle when everyone on set is stranded in the remote studio with a van that has run out of gas and no cell phone service. No one is immune, not even the tree hugger, land developer or news crew covering a nearby construction project infringing on the habitat of an endangered bird species. Just when you catch your breath from steamy on set encounters, you will be gasping for air when the killer picks off the crew one by one and carves up their bodies for his own deviant pleasures. Finally, when you believe all is lost, the heroics of the local cop changes the plans of the killer (or is he acting alone?). “Attacked on Set” is a horror comedy that is sure to have you squirming in your seat, covering your eyes and laughing out loud. When these girls lay down, things stand up. “Attacked on Set” is a perfect mixture of comedy, gore and campiness with lots of boobs and blood”.

Director: Tom Novell
Writers: Tom Novell (screenplay), Forrest Warren, Joel C. Warren
Stars: Alicia Clark, Joshua David Evans, Dominic Ryan Gabriel

2-Disc Blu-Ray DVD Combo
Behind The Scenes Featurette
Audio Commentary